The Pink Cloud Comedown

I have chosen to contribute to this blog from a place of anonymity in hopes of preserving my personal relationships while still being able to practice free creative expression. I will be recounting events and details from my life that I believe have both contributed to and resulted in my heroin addiction. Please join me as I learn to navigate my recovery through emotional and spiritual healing and enlightenment.

Welcome to The Pink Cloud Comedown.

My Latest Posts

  • Open Your Veins and Bleed
    “You simply sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed.” I have seen memes all over social media that claims this was a Hemingway quote, but that is absolutely false. Walter Wellesley Smith was asked if writing was a difficult task for him and he was quoted as saying, “Why, no. You simplyContinue reading “Open Your Veins and Bleed”
  • Boots
    I had a pair of black North Face winter boots that lasted throughout all my years of active addiction. The toughest years were the last two, as I was homeless and living on the street. Both laces of the boots were missing, because at one time or another, I needed something to tie off with.Continue reading “Boots”
  • Self Preservation
    I have recently had some in depth conversations with my therapist in regard to the trauma I suffered as a child and how they were direct contributions to my heroin addiction. As we have been exploring these events, a lot of feelings have surfaced that I never knew even existed. The purpose of starting aContinue reading “Self Preservation”